ENDEMIC design


Lighting the Wooden Wick

We recommend using a long lighter or longer length matches to light your candle

Hold the flame directly on the timber for about 5-10 seconds to ignite the wick fully

Low Maintinence Candles 

There's no need to trim your wooden wick, just light and go!

Extinguishing Your Candle

Be careful when blowing your candle out that you don't blow hot wax on yourself or surroundings, you can use a candle snuffer if you prefer however be care not to touch the delicate burnt wick as it could break and leave you with a small exposed piece of timber to light next time, this could cause the flame to struggle to stay alight in some cases

Forgetful Jones?

To avoid leaving your candle on accidentally, why not put a reminder in your phone or put a timer on to prompt you to put it out before you leave the house or go to sleep!!!