ENDEMIC design


Custom Creations

We like to make custom scents so please go ahead and ask us about what we can create for you... Eg: Pure Essential Oils in your choice of combination or a signiture scent for you, your store or small business!

This option is particularly ideal for people with fragrance sensitivities or for office/staff productivity or personal motivation

Scent Strength 

We test each scent to check the maximum amount of oils are mixed in our coconut wax, this is what some candle makers call "Triple Scented" however this is just a myth as due to the density of wax, ie. there is only so much oil you can put in or it won't set. Usually this is 10% oil to wax, but with our coconut wax, it's a higher percentage so that's why all who try our candles love the scent throw they give, lit or unlit!!!

For those who like a more subtle scent we can do half strength batches as well!